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INFINITY with Author Kristi Stalder


INFINITY WILL TAKE YOUR NOVEL FROM START TO FINISH AND BEYOND. ​ Imagine what it would feel like to... ​ *Have a step-by-step process so you can focus on writing? *Use the writing blueprint, so you don't have to wonder what the next step is? *Get instant access to schedules, templates, and worksheets to stay on track? *Understand the fundamentals of story structure and apply them to your manuscript? *Have creative, energetic writing sessions that are fast-paced and rewarding? *Productively edit your manuscript and apply constructive reader feedback? *Learn the self-publishing industry and navigate through various publishing platforms? *Establish, grow, and maintain an author platform and reach a target audience? *Successfully launch and market your book to make a substantial royalty amount? *Achieve your dream of becoming a published author?​​ ​ THIS PROGRAM IS YOUR MAP TO THE TREASURE. THE PUBLISHED-BOOK-IN-YOUR-HANDS TREASURE.

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