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Beautiful, unique children's stories that reflect the values of
wisdom, resilience, and inner strength.

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Signed copies available!


Just Like the Moon

Written by Kristi Stalder, Illustrated by Martith Art

Just like the moon, we will always be whole.

The moon represents the magical richness that our lives have to offer, and each phase brings a new lesson to shift our thinking.

This book shares those lessons by affirming that we are still whole, no matter which phase we are in, and we can always spread our light. Even in the darkest of times.



No matter its phase, the moon is always whole beneath the shadows.

The moon carries a powerful message that offers peace and comfort to those who listen. The book Just Like the Moon was born to spread the light of the moon and offer comfort to those in a shadowed phase in their lives. It's written to be relatable for children and adults who experience different challenges and a variety of feelings. The lessons behind the words are to give the reader a sense of tranquility and guidance, no matter which phase they're in.


The illustrations transport the reader into a realm of ethereal magic among the stars.


I Love You More

Written by Kristi Stalder, Illustrated by Julie Edwards

Love is an experience unlike anything in this world. It's the essence of everything; a newborn child, giggles and laughter, reading stories before bedtime...

We are love itself, and through spoken words and expressions, we affirm our deepest and most powerful emotions.


I Love You More is a beautifully illustrated story that puts love into words, and was designed for all those- of any age -to create tender moments, treasured memories, and cherished feelings of happiness.

Signed copies available!

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