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Non-Fiction and Self-Development books inspired by the
wisdom and teachings of ancient stoic philosophers. 

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Navigating Assisted Living

The Transition into Senior Living

Designed as a practical guide through the complex world of senior living, this book offers support and guidance for families to collaborate, leverage one another’s strengths, and work toward the higher goal of ensuring that their loved ones thrive.

Read about how to manage difficult conversations with your loved ones, critical questions to ask during a facility tour, financial breakdown including Medicare and Medicaid, overcoming challenging behaviors, the state survey process, and much more.


With limited resources on the market today, planning for Assisted Living can be overwhelming for those making difficult choices for their loved ones. Learn the industry standards and understand the difference between Assisted Living, Independent Living, and Skilled Nursing.

Author and former Community Relations Director at a prestigious assisted living community, Kristi Stalder, offers solutions to almost any situation; financial, behavioral, and emotional, so you can make an educated decision that will be in your loved one’s best interest.

Non-medical and simple, this book provides the facts and resources necessary to create a flawless transition and support through the entire process.

The Success Challenge

Redefine Success and Become Extraordinary

How do you define success?  What if I told you it's about more than just wealth or status—it's about cultivating prosperity through timeless values like wisdom, resilience, and inner strength?

In The Success Challenge, we explore an alternative perspective on success that prioritizes virtuous habits, meaningful connections, and purpose-driven living. With practice and dedication, this book is guaranteed to change your life.


If I could go back in time and have a candid heart-to-heart with my younger self, this book contains that conversation. Growing up, society around me often misconstrued success as privilege or sheer luck. After years of stumbling through mistakes and blindly following the path laid out before me, I found myself questioning the very meaning of it all. Then, something changed. My perspective shifted, clarity emerged, and finally, I uncovered the true essence of it all. I started to build wealth, my debt disappeared, and the opportunities became exponential.


Personal, professional, heartfelt, and inspiring, The Success Challenge is filled with insights, anecdotes, and practical advice to help you redefine success on your own terms. From discovering the power of mindset to cultivating meaningful relationships, each chapter reflects my own experiences and the lessons I've learned along the way.


Through introspective exercises and actionable steps, I aim to guide you toward unlocking your full potential and embracing a life of purpose, wealth, and gratitude. Let's overcome limiting beliefs and pursue your passions with confidence.

It all starts when you redefine success.

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